we build you up

When we work with clients we know that progress isn’t realized from breaking people down, but through building them up as they begin to discover their full potential. Integrity Communications is unique its unwavering attention to practical, applicable and measurable skills. All participants in our group programs will receive coaching and feedback in three ways:

in the moment coachingTM

It’s a true trademark of our organization and a fundamental practice of how we interact with our clients. In the Moment CoachingTM is a proven method that allows participants to adjust their delivery in real-time, not just after the program is complete—allowing for maximum skill development.


peer feedback

For those who participate in group sessions, it’s vital to receive immediate feedback from their peers.  We create an environment that is not only conducive to this, but helps to alleviate anxiety as individuals move forward from our programs.  It’s through this process of feedback that the concept of “perception is reality” becomes clear in the mind of the speaker.  It’s not how one “feels” as the speaker, but how one is “perceived” by their audience.




The saying of “We are our own biggest critics” holds true in many instances. We’ve seen through experience that when individuals can immediately view their performance it provides a previously unrealized chance for improvement. This creates an opportunity for development that would not have otherwise been identified or even acknowledged by the person themselves. This careful self-evaluation is done through immediate viewing of one’s performance on our digital video equipment and through completion of the Integrity Communications Personal Presentation Review.