course description

Our Professional Presence curriculum, also known as professional image, is most often utilized as an add-on component to other programs delivered by Integrity Communications.  However, we do offer a stand-alone program focusing solely, and very thoroughly, on proper presence and image.  Based upon the desire of each client, this area of focus can be highly customized to fit the specific culture and environment of each organization we work with.  Some of the components stressed in this program are professional courtesies such as proper introductions, business card exchanges and professional handshakes as well as appropriate business casual attire and the respective levels of business casual dress, professional attire, and much more.  In today’s ultra-competitive business environment individuals must operate with an air of confidence and an “assured presence.”  At the same time, the utmost professional will radiate genuine integrity and character.  It’s these components of a well-rounded individual and professional that we deliver as part of Professional Presence.


course objectives

  • Discover the competitive advantage that is found in the detail of how one carries themselves
  • Embrace the value of first impressions
  • Understand appropriate dress attire in accordance with the audience
  • Gain an understanding of professional wardrobe basics
  • Learn best practices for introductions and alleviating awkward situations
  • Learn dialogue techniques to effectively engage others in quality conversation