course description

At Integrity Communications we believe that results come only when practice is reinforced, and reinforced properly.  Reinforcing Excellence is a program designed to not only refresh, but also compliment, those skills acquired through Presentation Excellence.  Reinforcing Excellence is an intense one-day program that will offer a hands-on review of all skills covered in Presentation Excellence, and also introduces several new communication skills.  We take a much more in-depth approach to the creation of a speaker’s message with special focus on molding the ‘building blocks’ of each presentation.  In addition, each participant will give a presentation that extends that of the time slot offered in Presentation Excellence—offering additional opportunity for peer feedback, coaching and development.  (*Please note that this program is only for graduates of Presentation Excellence).


course objectives

  • Reinforce the critical skills acquired in Presentation Excellence
  • Build upon, and practice, the art of being clear, complete and concise
  • Understand the ‘building blocks’ of a presentation and the frameworks of communication
  • Heighten audience engagement through ‘telling the story’
  • Walk away with measurable, practical objectives that are identified through peer and self-assessment