course description

In today’s business environment professionals are communicating in more ways than the traditional face to face fashion.  Virtual Presentation Excellence is a program designed to enhance the skills utilized in communicating most effectively through a various array of virtual mediums.  When presenting virtually, it requires an even greater level of attention to detail.  Examples of what this program covers includes such things as an understanding of the technology, carefully controlling the flow of information, staying connected with the audience and maintaining control of the dialogue.  Virtual Presentation Excellence can be customized to each specific client according to their medium of communication.  Examples include teleconference, video conferencing and applications such as WebExTM, GoToMeetingR and more.  (Please note that when not delivered in conjunction with, or following Presentation Excellence, this program is extended by ½ day to ensure the most complete development experience).


course objectives

  • Learn to carefully analyze your audience in accordance with your message objectives
  • Understand how to carefully control the flow of information for maximum understanding and audience engagement
  • Gain a greater level of understanding for the technology and how best to utilize as a moderator
  • Create visuals that will enhance the audience experience and amplify your message
  • Gain an understanding of how verbal and vocal techniques can best be applied
  • Learn to handle unexpected distractions and keep the presentation/meeting on task
  • Understand how to effectively handle Q&A with the use of a moderator
  • Practice delivering a full presentation through the use of virtual means