Fundamentals of Communication

program description

Fundamentals of Communication is our gateway program. This 2-day course is designed to dramatically improve the presentation skills of anyone from a novice presenter to a seasoned professional. Participants will learn practical, proven strategies that they can apply in nearly any speaking situation: formal or informal, prepared or impromptu, in person or by phone/video.

Fundamentals of Communication is delivered with a high level of intensity with many opportunities for in-class practice and application. Every participant practices target skills in pair, small-group and whole-group settings. Every participant is also recorded three times, which allows for three types of essential feedback and coaching: 1) facilitator feedback, 2) peer feedback, and 3) self critique. Participants retain all recordings for future review and receive guidance for how to continue practicing to best reinforce new skills.

“Excellent—one of the best programs that I have been through in the 34+ years of my career.”Senior area sales manager, Corteva Agriscience
“Outstanding; very engaging, with the right balance of presentation and exercises.” Senior area sales manager, Corteva Agriscience

course objectives

  • Build awareness that the audience’s perception is reality
  • Understand how participants look and sound from an audience’s standpoint
  • Effectively control and channel nervousness and anxiety
  • Increase confidence in how to handle all types of speaking opportunities
  • Learn best practices for keeping an audience engaged
  • Understand and practice how the flow of information is best controlled
  • Adopt a fundamental framework for analyzing your audience
  • Learn to create visual aids—such as PowerPoint—that clarify and emphasize the intended message
  • Learn how to effectively and efficiently create a speaking road map
  • Practice capitalizing on the opportunity to speak on the spot clearly, succinctly and with passion
  • Learn how to position oneself as an asset by delivering briefings to management
  • Practice a proven method for handling audience pressure and addressing Q&A