Leveraging Cultural Perspectives

program description

Leveraging Cultural Perspectives is a 2-day program that will help you understand and manage communication and cultural differences that often cause misunderstandings that derail sales, projects, meetings and evaluations. The program focuses on identifying differences and preferences, practicing strategies for communicating across differences, and best practices for avoiding and addressing miscommunication in order to achieve your everyday tasks and long-term goals.

Every workplace is made up of people who communicate differently from one another. Our personal communication style is influenced by our gender, age, occupation, training, the languages and dialects that we speak, and our cultural backgrounds. These factors affect how we listen, speak, and understand information. The challenge for organizations and employees is how to best understand and leverage the diversity of communication styles in the workplace. Organizations that do so successfully have been shown to increase their profits and are rated by employees as better places to work. This program lays the groundwork for creating a ‘culture of mutual understanding’ in your workplace.

Loved it!
Positive, practical and applicable. Research manager, Corteva Agrsicience
This was a great program and should be used more often. The stories and examples rocked!Research manager, Corteva Agriscience

course objectives

  • Develop self awareness of your own communication style and preferences
  • Learn how your communication style interacts with other styles
  • Learn how to identify different communication styles and develop awareness of the advantages of each style
  • Practice different styles so that you can deploy them strategically depending on the situation
  • Learn ways to appreciate the positive aspects of style differences
  • Learn how women and men may communicate differently—or be judged differently—in the workplace
  • Learn about generational differences in communication style: Millenials, GenX, Baby Boomers
  • Understand how communication style varies by region across the U.S.
  • Understand national differences in verbal and nonverbal communication style
  • Learn strategies for communicating effectively with people who have different language and cultural backgrounds