Reinforcing Excellence

program description

We believe that results come only when practice is reinforced—and reinforced properly. Reinforcing Excellence is designed to refresh and complement the skills acquired by graduates of Fundamentals of Communication. This intense 1-day program offers a hands-on review of all skills covered in Fundamentals. Facilitators pay close attention to how each participant has adapted the skills for use in their work environment and identify where there is opportunity to improve and refine. Reinforcing Excellence also introduces new skills, including a valuable dialogue opener roadmap that sets the stage for making an ask, as well as interactive practice in how to keep dialogue flowing through the use of different question strategies. Small group work and whole-group games keep the program lively and fast-paced.

Worth the investment. The more reinforcement, the better!Director, Corteva Agriscience

course objectives

  • Reinforce the critical skills acquired in Fundamentals of Communication
  • Identify areas of success, improvement and refinement for our graduates
  • Practice setting up for ‘making the ask’ with our dialogue opener roadmap
  • Heighten audience engagement through ‘telling the story’
  • Walk away with measurable, practical objectives that are identified through peer and self-assessment