Excellent—one of the best programs that I have been through in the 34+ years of my career.Senior area sales manager, Corteva Agriscience
This was one of the top two programs for professional development that I have ever attended. A best in class learning event. I wish I would have had this training 10 years ago.Director, Kent Precision Foods Group
Awesome! Very challenging but truly new ideas.Director, Corteva Agriscience
Excellent program! It was great to have the ability to see areas that could be significantly improved and observe some of those skills in the video. I’ll use this in finalist presentations and implementation meetings—both face to face and on the phone.Director, Principal Financial Group
I found your training to be excellent. I am in the 20th year of my career and have had many different trainers over the years…your training has had easily the most value. In each session I walk away with an abundance of skills that challenge me to be better and provide new ways of thinking about my business approach. Thank you!Manager, Corteva Agriscience
Micah and Alex were great! I’ve worked with Micah before and, as always, he’s a great teacher and facilitator. Also, it was great team building opportunity. It was a really fun experience. Thanks!Project manager, DowDuPont
Excellent program! Of all the trainings I have attended over the years, I feel that this program will benefit me the most. Sales Manager, Grinnell Mutual
[The best part was] the sincerity and humble approach of the instructors [Micah and Alex]. The constructive help/guidance was great!Manager, Corteva Agriscience
This was a HUGE improvement over [other communications training courses]. MUCH more positive and supportive approach.Research manager, Corteva Agriscience
One of the best training sessions I have ever participated in.Vice President, National Pork Board
[Leveraging Cultural Perspectives] was very well planned and executed…Loved it! Just such valuable insight into interactions!Research manager, Corteva Agriscience
So much more than I expected—VERY impressed with what the content focused on…One of the best parts of the learning experience was understanding areas that I can focus on at various points of my communication and delivery. This will help me to get less active brokers to give more detail as to the reasons behind their lack of partnering with us. Micah is fabulous at giving us the “why” to the suggestions of more effective communication.Vice President, Principal Financial Group
Fantastic information and very relevant to our roles. It was great to see progress in all of my skills. Not only will I use these skills on phone calls and meetings, but also with coworkers and being able to provide them with key briefings.Manager, Principal Financial Group
[Fundamentals of Communication] fundamentally challenged—and changed—my overall communication techniques. Research manager, Corteva Agriscience
I was a bit of a skeptic going into it as I have done similar programs, but this is the best one I have attended!Sales Manager, Grinnell Mutual
“[Fundamentals of Communication] was excellent! The best training seminar I have been to in a very long time. And, as uncomfortable as it was, seeing myself on video was very helpful to reaffirm the feedback comments.Research director, Corteva Agriscience
Excellent investment of time. The constructive feedback and group critique enhanced our communication within our team.Vice President, Principal Financial Group
[Fundamentals of Communication] WAY exceeded my expectations. Very put together. It changed my thinking. Keep up the great work.Sales manager, Corteva Agriscience
For me it was encouraging, positive and interesting. Seeing many of the principles in action by both Alex & Micah, [they] showed a great effort in doing that. This will help me by following a set of recommendations and, of course, practicing and presenting. I like all the examples used.Representative, AgroBio Mexico, CropLife International
“[Leveraging Cultural Perspectives] is a great program and should be used more often. The best part was becoming aware of how I perceive people.Research manager, Corteva Agriscience
I really enjoyed the content and Micah’s message. It’s helped me to be better prepared when addressing senior management. I’m able to send a stronger, more organized message.Manager, Athene USA
Extremely positive. This program includes a lot of good information. The best part was receiving feedback on specific skills from Micah and my peers. I liked the application around answering questions relating to compliance. Also, mentally preparing right before presenting information to reduce anxiety.Legal Counsel, Corteva Agriscience
I’m always concerned heading into a 2 day program—but you never lost my interest. I think watching you use the skills you were teaching us helped me as much as anything.Director, National Pork Board
It was very valuable to focus on the basics and with engaging presentations. This was a very interactive training and brought about communication strengths that I might leverage in the future and also with outreach efforts. I’ll use these skills in most everything but especially in coaching leadership on more effective communication.Communications Director, Corteva Agriscience
Extremely positive as the content exceeded expectations. Micah gave a wonderful session. The presentation exercises provided for direct and immediate feedback. This will be applicable in formal presentations as well as impromptu management interactions. Micah was a great instructor with a wealth of knowledge and insight in communication.Regulatory Director, Corteva Agriscience
I hated the thought of being videotaped, but it was the best part. The videos showed me what I needed to see and learn.Research Associate, Corteva Agriscience
I loved this program…I really liked being filmed so that we could watch our performances and improve from the baseline.Sales Manager, Grinnell Mutual
Fantastic! So many tools that will help me communicate better with my agents and grow my territory. [The best part was] negotiations–learning that skill. So key in our field!Sales Manager, Grinnell Mutual