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    Integrity Communications is a professional

    development firm dedicated to building

    your success as a communicator.

    We deliver programs and coaching proven

    to increase your effectiveness in presenting,

    negotiating and communicating.

  • Poise



    Integrity Communications is a professional development firm dedicated to building your success as a communicator.

    We deliver programs and coaching proven to increase your effectiveness in presenting, negotiating and communicating.

Our process


We want you to be the best communicator you can be. And we know that progress isn’t made by breaking you down but by building you up.
All participants in our group programs receive positive, effective coaching and feedback in three ways:

  • facilitator feedback

    Our facilitators provide on-the-spot coaching, a proven method that allows you to adjust your delivery in real time for maximum skill development. We also model the strategies and processes that we teach. We wouldn’t ask you to do anything that we wouldn’t do ourselves—and that extends to recording, feedback and practice.

  • peer feedback

    Peer feedback is vital for participants to realize that perception is reality. We create a supportive environment that encourages specific, well-balanced and non-judgmental peer feedback. This helps to alleviate anxiety and drive home the principle that effective communication is not related to how you “feel” as a speaker but how you are perceived by your audience.

  • self-critique

    We are our own toughest critics. Yet self-awareness alone is not enough to improve your skills. We couple self awareness with actionable strategies you can put into practice for both immediate improvement and improvement over time. By watching your recorded performance in playback sessions following peer and facilitator feedback, you can see right away where you want to focus on your growth as a presenter. And we give you the strategies and the process by which we’ve seen the most measurable improvement happen.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to communication and self-presentation at work. We first seek to understand the cultures and environments in which you work so that we may tailor our programs to suit your development needs.

Our programs are designed as both stand-alone 1-day and 2-day courses, as well as to flow in a sequence. Each program builds a solid foundation for ongoing development that allows you to consistently improve the skills you acquire.

  • Fundamentals of Communication

    Fundamentals of Communication, our gateway program, measurably improves the presentation skills of anyone from a first-time presenter to a seasoned professional.

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  • Persuasive Conversations 1.0

    Persuasive Conversations 1.0 is a selling skills program that is designed to help you close more deals more often by effectively uncovering and satisfying customer needs.

    Learn More
  • Persuasive Conversations 2.0

    Persuasive Conversations 2.0 builds upon Persuasive Conversations 1.0 through introduction of advanced negotiation techniques and interactive simulations.

    Learn More

  • Leveraging Cultural Perspectives

    Leveraging Cultural Perspectives is a 2-day program that will help you understand and manage communication and cultural differences that often cause misunderstandings that derail sales, projects, meetings and evaluations.

    Learn More
  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Ensure that your organization is building an environment where everyone can contribute at the top of their game. Learn communication tools that address and erase hidden barriers to productivity, satisfaction and workplace excellence.

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  • Reinforcing excellence

    We believe that results come only when practice is reinforced—and reinforced properly. This program not only refreshes but also complements the skills and strategies acquired in the previous cadence of programs.

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Integrity Communications offers individually customized, one-on-one Personal Coaching and Executive Counseling sessions. These highly tailored meetings are designed to meet your development goals, whether you are a senior executive or a high performer aspiring to reach the next level.

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  •   Mission

    We commit to bringing our clients world-class professional training, development and coaching. We pledge to make integrity the cornerstone of all of our interactions.

  •     Philosophy

    Excellent communicators are made, not born. The skills that result in engaging and effective communication can be taught and learned. We develop professionals through proven, hands-on methods that will improve almost every aspect of your self-presentation.

  •   Opportunity

    Whether you are a seasoned executive seeking to polish your public speaking skills or a sales leader desiring to build a common language and skill set among your team, we can be a valuable partner to you, your team and your organization.

Micah Spike W. Craven, president

  • Micah co-founded Integrity Communications with his wife, Amy, in 2012. Formerly a top sales executive and sales trainer with a Fortune 100 organization, he combines his passion for excellence with a commitment to helping others excel in their own professional development.

    As Integrity’s lead trainer, facilitator and coach, Micah has worked with thousands of people ranging from college students to senior executives leading some of the world’s largest and most successful companies. With broad experience across industries such as defense, aviation, insurance and banking, Micah also continues to deepen Integrity Communications’ niche expertise in the areas of food, agriculture and biotechnology. His understanding of a diverse array of audiences allows him to create a truly unique experience for our clients.

    Micah is a graduate of Iowa State University in Marketing and Communications. He is an active supporter of youth athletics as well as a volunteer with Junior Achievement and other non-profit organizations in his community. He and his wife, Amy, and their two boys live in the Des Moines, Iowa, metro area.

Alexandra Johnston, Ph.D., Vice President, Marketing and Intercultural Communication

  • Alex Johnston integrity communications
  • Alex has had a lifelong passion for understanding and bridging communication and cultural differences. As a facilitator and coach, she is committed to providing clients with the tools they need to leverage communication differences to achieve their workplace goals. She transforms cutting-edge linguistics research into practical learning and development modules with proven results.

    Alex is a certified intercultural trainer, ESL teacher, and sociolinguist with East Asian expertise. Fluent in Japanese where she worked and studied for 2 years, she has also studied Spanish, German and Arabic. She earned her Ph.D. from Georgetown University where she was the first person ever permitted to record and analyze green-card interviews at a U.S. immigration office. She also holds an M.A. in East Asian Studies from Stanford University and a B.A. in East Asian Studies from Washington University in St. Louis. Alex has conducted research and provided communication training in the U.S., the Middle East, and Japan, where she attended the Osaka University of Education on a Fulbright Fellowship. She lives in the Washington, D.C., metro area with her husband and two boys.

Amy Malone-Craven, Director of Client Service

  • As owner and co-founder of Integrity Communications, Amy brings a passion, drive and desire to ensure that each of our clients receives a customized experience with the highest level of personal attention.

    With over 20 years of account management experience at some of the world’s most recognized companies, Amy has built an elite suite of skills to ensure that your experiences with Integrity Communications provide a return on your investment and time with us. Amy sets the standard when it comes to cultivating relationships that yield not only positive results but also provide for meaningful and lasting experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.

    Amy received her degree in business management from Upper Iowa University. She currently lives in the Des Moines, Iowa, metro area with her husband, Micah, and their two boys.


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