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Is your company cultivating a high-performance, feedback-rich culture?

Conversational Management, powered by Integrity Communications, can help you do that! No need to struggle to retain talent or engage your next-generation leaders. This program empowers employees to behave and operate in ways that have predictably better outcomes and aims to change how leaders, managers, and employees communicate. Four key components contribute to a client's success.

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Exploratory Questions & Reflective Listening

Participants learn how to make conversations interactive and empowering anytime, with anyone.

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Goal Setting

Participants learn a collaborative process called "IMR Goal Setting" to establish goals and objectives. This process gives employees a strong attachment, ownership, and accountability to project outcomes.



Participants learn how to use a coaching approach to providing feedback, including reinforcement feedback (positive outcomes/behaviors) and reflective feedback (undesired outcomes/behaviors).

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Management Practices

Participants learn the 15 most effective management practices proven to keep employees fully engaged and consistently giving the best effort in their daily roles.

client case study: applied imaging

With over 430 employees and growing fast. Applied imaging was looking to expand their employee development efforts to all areas of the company. After putting both the core leadership team and all 70 company managers through the program, they now have the real time, on the job development engine that is not only empowering employees, but freeing up time and bandwidth for their managers.

Experience ROI Through a Proven Process

Conversational Management, powered by Integrity Communications, has three key components that ensure companies can measure and sustain real ROI.


The core Conversational Management curriculum teaches managers, team leaders, and supervisors how to coach, develop, and lead highly effective teams.


Our program's magic resides in delivering a unique post-training experience focused on long-term use. This program offers participants 10 months of access to weekly live, ongoing practice sessions conducted by our certified mentor coaches to help each attendee practice and master their skills.


After completion of the core program and practicums, we'll help you to administer our Culture Impact Assessment, which measures key aspects of culture, alignment, and engagement at every level of your organization. This assessment allows you to see which strategies are working or not inside your organization.

about conversational management

  • What's Included
  • Learning Objectives

What's Included

This program equips your managers to coach, develop, and lead effective teams. By improving each conversation's quality throughout an entire organization, we can help organizations improve their talent metrics. Whether it's engagement, retention, or performance, we equip your people with the one thing that enhances everything else in your organization--the ability to communicate more effectively. We give your people the mindset, skillset, and tools to equip them for success.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to ask clarifying questions
  • Learn how to use reflective listening
  • Learn how to provide effective feedback to employees and teammates
  • Learn how to engage employees
  • Create a collaborative goal setting process

are you ready to change the way your leaders, managers, and employees communicate?

Build a lasting foundation for meaningful and productive conversations inside your workplace. Contact our team today to learn more about Conversational Management.


Why is it important to train my managers? They are already high-performing employees.

66% of managers say they receive little to no training on "how" to manage. Yet, according to Gallup, managers account for 70% of the variance in employee engagement.

How can I be sure that investing in my managers helps my employees?

You can't be 100% sure, but the statistics are telling.

  • Only 3 out of 10 employees agree the feedback they receive from their manager helps them to do their job better.
  • Only 2 out of 10 of employees agree their manager motivates them to perform better.

Can you afford not to invest in your managers?

What is the time commitment for Conversational Management?

This comprehensive program is delivered in 9, 90 minute, online sessions over approximately 30 days, followed by 6, 1-hour online Coaching Practicums over 8 weeks.

Who should take Conversational Management?

We recommend starting with a "Test Drive." Participating in the 3-hour, live, instructor-led, virtual Test Drive will provide key decision makers with the same experience their managers will have, and equip them to see why and how Conversational Management is a program they should consider.  Register Here.

what our clients say

Through the training, it was like a light was turned on. It's not about (me or my managers) having the answers…It's all about helping our people find their own answers.

CEO, Architectural Metals, Inc.

This has been an amazing program for us…when used properly it produces amazing results. We have countless quotes from managers and employees about how this has affected their work productivity and lives.

CEO, Applied Innovation

The beauty of the program is its simplicity…you learn how truly powerful questions and listening can be and you begin to understand the value of talking less and listening more…from Day 1 of the program.

Sr. Director Talent Acquisition, Wolverine Worldwide

Learning to have those skills where you can probe and expand (with employees) then you can go through the goal setting…it really just makes a huge difference in the relationships that you have with people.

HR Manager, Applied Innovation

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