Fundamentals of Virtual Communication

Virtual Communication in Your Workplace

Effective, professional communication is still a requirement in the virtual world. However, exuding the skills of an effective and professional communicator in the virtual realm takes practice and intentionality. If your team struggles with creating effective visual aids, engaging a virtual audience, professionalism while on camera, or concisely communicating their ideas, this program can help your team prepare for a host of virtual scenarios, including:

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Formal & Prepared Presentations

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it's that we must possess the ability to take any message we would ordinarily share in person and deliver it to a virtual audience--even if it's a high-stakes formal presentation. Industry panels, conferences, board meetings, and more now have a virtual or hybrid element. Presenters need to maintain an audience's attention while conveying the same professionalism and passion as they would in person -- that's no small feat.

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Informal & Impromptu Presentations

Even in our virtual work environments, informal or impromptu presentations occur regularly. We often don't give them a second thought, yet they provide a professional representation of you. Even in a virtual environment, it's not an invitation to let your guard down.

Refine Your Team’s Virtual Presentation Skills

Give your team the tools necessary to build valuable communication skills for the virtual space with Fundamentals of Virtual Communication. In this program, participants receive feedback and coaching in three unique ways.

Facilitator Feedback

Participants receive insightful feedback from their program instructor via the following means: 1) Live coaching from the facilitator in the breakout rooms during synchronous zoom sessions. 2) Ongoing entries in each participant's Running Feedback Thread (RFT). As in all our offerings, our facilitators model the expected behaviors and processes that are taught throughout the session.

Peer Feedback

Even while virtual, we still create a dynamic learning environment that fosters specific, well-balanced, and non-judgmental peer feedback. This benefits both the participant and his/her peers alike. We know that creating an environment by which cogent and robust feedback Is expected, paves the way for continued progress, even after program completion.

Self Critique

We know that in the virtual space, self-awareness remains critical to improved performance. Participants will log a minimum of 3 self-recordings into our Learning Management System (LMS) during the program. These recordings are first made available for participant viewing prior to being uploaded at their discretion; giving ample opportunity to refine delivery.

about fundamentals of virtual communication

  • What's Included
  • Learning Objectives

What's Included

Participants will dive into learning, understanding, and applying proven strategies to help them navigate formal or informal presentations in virtual situations. This course is uniquely engineered for delivery over six business days and combines individual activities (asynchronous), virtual classes (synchronous), and eLearning modules. Together, they minimize "Zoom Fatigue" and maximize learner retention. While this program places a primary focus on communication in a virtual setting, topics surrounding in-person communication are addressed as well. 

All participant materials, asynchronous activities, video uploads, eLearning modules and participant RFTs reside securely within our password protected LMS. Participants will have ongoing access to their RFT during the duration of the session and are electronically notified with each new feedback entry submitted from their peers or the facilitator. At the conclusion of the program, participants will have access to their comprehensive RFT which includes all comments collected throughout the session, allowing them to retain for reference in their future development. 

Learning Objectives

  • Increase confidence during all types of speaking opportunities
  • Learn best practices for keeping an audience engaged in virtual situations
  • Apply techniques to manage virtual technology effectively
  • Learn how an audience's perception affects the reception of your message
  • Understand and practice how to control the flow of information
  • Develop and deliver visuals in a clear, complete, and concise fashion
  • Adopt a fundamental framework for analyzing audiences
  • Deliver information as an asset to any key stakeholder
  • Handle audience pressure with composure
  • Create a pathway to refine skills

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Why is effective virtual communication just as important as in-person communication?

Messages are still important when conveyed through a virtual medium. However, additional factors, such as audience impressions, are often left to chance, so intentionality in virtual communication is a must.

Are there any special technology requirements for Fundamentals of Virtual Communication?

We ask all participants to have a reliable internet connection. There aren’t any special hardware or software requirements, and participants upload all video recordings as .mp4 files.

What is the time commitment for Fundamentals Virtual of Communication?

Fundamentals of Virtual Communication is six business days long with up to two hours per day dedicated to course activity. The program runs from a Tuesday to a Tuesday.

Who should take Fundamentals of Virtual Communication?

Anyone who finds themselves engaging in important internal or external stakeholder communication through a virtual medium.

what our clients say

MUCH NEEDED is an understatement. The rest of our teams need this because of how we’ll communicate going forward.

Vice President, Client Engagement

Times are different. This kind of development is imperative for progress and professionalism.

Sr. Director, Communication Strategy

This was a great program and should be used more often. The stories and examples rocked!

Research Manager, Corteva Agriscience

This was incredible! You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. We embraced new techniques to increase our confidence in presentation skills, learned best practices for keeping an audience engaged and delivering content in a clear and concise way, dealing with hard topics or conflict, and more.

General Manager, Radicle Seed Co.

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