Refine Your Employees' Communication Skills

Strengthen foundational skills and encourage professional growth through customized professional development offerings.

Elevate Employee Professional Development & Communication

Without refining skills and practicing effective communication techniques, your team's skill set will eventually become stagnate. Our services offer our clients the opportunity to customize a professional development solutions to help organizations strengthen communicators, listeners, collaborators, and customer advocates. 

Our Process

Our feedback process builds participants’ confidence with positive and constructive feedback. Each participant taking one of our courses will receive feedback in three ways.

Facilitator Feedback

Our facilitators provide course participants with on-the-spot feedback they can incorporate into their presentations in real-time. We won’t ask participants to do something our instructors wouldn’t do themselves.

Peer Feedback

When participants receive feedback from their peers, they realize audience perception is reality. Our instructors create a non-judgmental and positive learning environment that fosters peer feedback.


We’re our own harshest critics. We pair self-awareness with strategies participants can use to improve continually.

Our Services

Refine your team's communication skills and professional development through our various service offerings. These specialty areas allow for a targeted approach to improve overall organizational performance.

Persuasion & Influence

Enhance your team's ability to harness the power of persuasion and execute the art of influence. From sales executives to lab technicians and everything in between, the ability to convince others and create advocacy is vital for individual and organizational success. This specialty area can include negotiations, uncovering and addressing customer needs, generating consensus, advancing initiatives, closing deals, and more.

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Personal Coaching & Executive Development

Our personal or executive coaching allows clients to engage 1:1 with one of our team members. These engagements are highly customized to fit individualized goals and objectives.

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Prospering People through Demanding Dialogue

Your performance as a professional is a function of consistently endeavoring to address "the uncomfortable.” Prospering People through Demanding Dialogue brings to light novel approaches, tools, and skills that will help prepare you and your team for the challenge of demanding or difficult conversations. The result: successful engagements in which you empower others to succeed.

Relationship Management

Arguably, a vital component of success is building relationships. Without relationships, victory is hollow, limiting the likelihood of sustained high performance. Let us help your organization unpack powerful tools that will help relationships flourish.

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Management Consulting

Guided by strategy, honesty, and authenticity, our management consulting practice partners with our clients. During these arrangements, we foster success through application, not theory. Our approach is open-ended, working first to listen, understand, and empathize with your challenges and opportunities. We implement best practices strategically and collaboratively to support long-term success.

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Reinforcing Excellence

Practice does not make perfect. However, it produces progress. We offer clients various engagement options with us to ensure that learned skills and tools become part of the ongoing culture, practice, and language within your organization.

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Open the Gateway for Professional Development

Our programs are an ideal place to start your journey toward furthering professional growth within your organization. Each program is proven to create a foundation for success inside your organization.

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what our clients say

I've learned the most from Integrity Communications' training than any other communication training--EVER! Every single facet is important. This changes the entire dogma of how we deliver scientific messages!

Research Lead, Syngenta

So much more than I expected – VERY impressed with what the content focused on… Once of the best parts of the learning experience was understanding areas I can focus on at various points of my communication and delivery. This will help me get less active brokers to give more detail as to the reason behind their lack of partnering with us. Micah is fabulous at giving us the ‘why’ to the suggestions of more effective communication.

Vice President, Principal Financial Group

Integrity Communications brings so many different aspects of communication, leadership, and overall professional development to the table. Spike's network, his experience, and his examples always make for a very worthwhile time together--AND FUN!

Director, National Pork Producers Council

This was an entirely different, and fresh, approach when compared to (other) programs. The examples were real-world, and the negotiation tactics were fantastic!

Production Manager, Corteva Agriscience

from corporate culture to agriculture, we’re here to help

Let us help you refine your team’s professional communication skills. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our services!