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Present Yourself Professionally

Well-articulated, complete, and concise communication is a vital skill every professional must possess. However, learning effective communication and presentation skills takes practice. Thousands of professionals around the globe revere this program because of its compelling yet incredibly straightforward approach to empowering individuals, teams, and organizations. We believe that a presentation occurs anytime you speak; therefore, this program engages participants in a multitude of presentation scenarios, including:

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Formal & Prepared Presentations

Formal presentations are usually prepared deliveries, possibly supported by visual aids. We expose participants to a novel structural framework and an amazingly effective visual aid creation strategy that brings clarity to the most challenging of presentations and topics.

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Informal & Impromptu Presentations

Informal presentations occur daily. They give others a professional representation of who you are and sometimes even happen without you realizing it. Our roadmaps for success will create individualized frameworks for participants to effectively deliver their messages in a clear, complete, and concise way.

refine your team's communication skills

Fundamentals of Communication gives your team the tools to clearly communicate their ideas and present themselves professionally, in any situation. Throughout the program, participants will receive feedback in three different ways.

Facilitator Feedback

Our facilitators provide in-the-moment coaching that allows participants to adjust their delivery in real-time. We model the strategies and processes we teach in each of our programs.

Peer Feedback

We create a learning environment that fosters and encourages specific, well-balanced, and non-judgmental peer feedback. This type of feedback benefits both participants and their peers. Creating an environment where participants expect effective and robust feedback paves the way for continued progress, even after participants complete the program.

Self Critique

Self-awareness is critical for participants to improve their skills. Participants are video recorded a minimum of three times throughout the program. We utilize these recordings to validate the facilitator and peer feedback, which ultimately allows the participants to embrace and understand the notion that, to the audience, perception is reality.

about fundamentals of communication

  • What's Included
  • Learning Objectives

What's Included

Our in-person gateway program gives participants, from the novice presenter to a seasoned professional, an opportunity to dramatically improve their presentation skills. This course is an intense two-day experience designed to give participants multiple opportunities to practice skills they learn as a whole group, in pairs, and small groups. All participants are recorded at least three times throughout the program and provided feedback in multiple ways. Participants keep the recordings and feedback to regularly review and refine their skills.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how audiences perceive speakers
  • Effectively control and channel nervousness and anxiety
  • Increase confidence during speaking opportunities
  • Learn best practices for keeping an audience engaged
  • Understand and practice how to control the flow of information
  • Adopt a fundamental framework for analyzing audiences
  • Learn to create visual aids that clarify and emphasize your message
  • Learn how to create a speaking road map efficiently
  • Practice capitalizing on the opportunities to speak on the spot concisely
  • Learn how to position yourself as an asset while delivering briefings to management

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Why is effective communication important?

Studies have shown we are judged more by the expression of our message than the content of the message. Consideration of message structure and delivery can help amplify the degree to which your content resonates with your audience.

Can I customize Fundamentals of Communications for my team?

We will always take the necessary steps to understand your organization's culture and the desired outcomes. We accommodate each client’s unique needs to create an experience specific to your team or organization.

What is the time commitment for Fundamentals of Communication?

This program is two consecutive days in length.

Who should take Fundamentals of Communication?

Fundamentals of Communication is incredibly effective for anyone in your organization, from interns to c-suite executives.

what our clients say

I’m always concerned heading into a 2-day program – but you never lost my interest. Watching you consistently use the skills you were teaching us helped me as much as anything.

Director, National Pork Board

Very useful! This program is necessary, valuable, and enjoyable--I will use 100% of the content. Transformative!

Science Lead, Syngenta

[Fundamentals of Communication] was excellent! The best training seminars I have been to in a very long time. And, as uncomfortable as it was seeing myself on video was very helpful to reaffirm the feedback comments.

Research Director, Corteva Agriscience

Excellent program! It was great to have the ability to see areas that could be significantly improved and observe some of the skills in the video. I’ll use this in finalist presentations and implementation meetings – both face-to-face and on the phone.

National Vice President, Principal Financial Group

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