Skill Development

We want our clients to continue developing the skills they practice in our programs. Below is a selection of resources to assist that continuous learning process outside of our time together in the classroom.

Eye Cards

If you’re a current client, you know how much we emphasize effective eye movement. You also know that it takes time and practice for the eye movement strategies that we recommend to feel comfortable and to feel like ‘you’.

We’ve created Eye Cards so that you can practice effective eye movement anytime and anywhere. Using Eye Cards is one of the best ways to turn new skills into your natural habit.

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How to use Eye Cards

Print on cardstock

Fold into tents

Presentation practice: Place Eye Cards around the room where you are practicing. Use at least 5 cards to represent your audience.

Conference calls: When you are by yourself and joining a conference call, place cards around the room to practice delivering “one thought to one person”.

Meetings combining people in the room and people calling in: Place cards in the room to represent the people on the phone.

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Tip Cards

Tip cards are 5″ x 7″ cards that function like note cards: quick summaries of critical parts of our curriculum to keep close at hand. Our clients receive them in our programs and coaching sessions and typically prop them on their desks, stick them on their walls, carry them in meeting folders, or make them part of their briefcase essentials for easy and frequent reference.

For program graduates only: If you need to replace tip cards, please contact our team. In the body of your message, let us know which tip cards you need to replace from the list and where you prefer to have digital files or hard copies sent.

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Tip cards include

Physical Skills: Tips for each of the eight physical presentation skills.

Vivid Visuals: Tips for creating effective PowerPoint slides and other visual media.

Short Talks: Tips for impromptu presentations

Putting it All Together: Tips for persuasion and negotiation

SCORE: Tips for precise, practical English language use that are necessary for speaking with diverse, international audiences.

Handing Audience Challenges: Tips for managing audience pressure, hostility, and distractions.

Virtual Presentation Checklist: Tips for teleconferences and videoconferences

7 Pillars of Relationship Management: Tips for building and leveraging relationships and networks

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