course description

Whether it be a high performer aspiring to reach the next level or a professional desiring to focus on a specific opportunity for development, Personal Coaching through Integrity Communications provides an attractive option.  While group sessions are a terrific development tool, one-on-one instruction can be invaluable.  When you engage Integrity Communications for Personal Coaching we take a highly customized approach to each professional we work with.  No two individuals are alike and neither are the objectives they set forth to achieve.  This is why we first begin each engagement by identifying objectives through a very highly scrutinized process.  Through collaboration with the participant, his/her manager and, if so desired, a direct report, we carefully assess areas of opportunity and the desired outcome(s).  As with all of our endeavors with clients, Integrity Communications views Personal Coaching as a process.  We do not profess to provide a “quick fix,” but rather provide a deep commitment to this very personalized and intense professional development opportunity.


course objectives

  • Creation of a personal development plan
  • Development of professional benchmarks throughout the coaching process
  • Gain a clear understanding of practical and tangible areas of development in regards to professional communication
  • Create an open channel of communication with supervisor and coach to maximize development
  • Collaboratively create road-maps for future speaking opportunities with coach and supervisor
  • Experience the opportunity to be evaluated in real-world situations for later review