Personal Coaching

program description

Whether you are a high performer aspiring to reach the next level or a senior executive focusing on a specific challenge, personal coaching offers individualized, targeted development with measurable results.

Integrity Communications creates a highly customized experience for each client that identifies your skill gaps, builds your strengths, and results in noticeable improvement. We begin each engagement with a detailed assessment of needs and goals. Through collaboration with you and, if applicable, your manager, we assess areas of opportunity and desired outcome(s). Most importantly, we provide you with a process that will reinforce continual improvement both during and after our time together.

In addition to this targeted approach, our process is open ended enough to allow us to uncover opportunities for you to excel in areas beyond public speaking and self presentation. Time and again we have seen our clients realize results in areas they did not expect to, such as leadership, networking, and achieving that next step forward in their career. Personal coaching can lead to a truly remarkable process of self discovery with unanticipated rewards.

My time with Micah over the years has been remarkable. I’ve increased my awareness of how I lead, communicate and manage considerably. It truly has been transformational.Senior Director, Corteva Agriscience

course objectives

  • Assess needs and goals prior to your first one-on-one session
  • Create a personal development plan with measures and benchmarks of progress
  • Open channels of communication with your supervisor (if applicable) and your coach to maximize development
  • Collaboratively design road maps for future speaking opportunities with coach and supervisor
  • Create opportunity to be evaluated in real-world situations
  • Measure progress through specific, well-balanced and non-judgmental feedback